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96. Make up your own “love” phrase

96. Make up your own “love” phrase

This idea additionally comes from Mia ?Y?ˆ merely another arbitrary task to accomplish with each other when you are with nothing to do one-night ?Y™‚

We both made our very own phrase. We usually reported that individuals comprise sick of utilizing “I ADORE your” because we thought anyone could point out that! Thus one day he gone and made up their own phrase for my situation<3 He made his up a very simple way: He always said that we were very “mushy” when we talked to each other, and he said he really liked how “ga” sounded so his word was Mushaga. Nothing came to me when I tried to make up my own word his way so I searched online how to make up my own word, and almost every article said to use root words, prefixes, and suffixes. So I found a pretty good root word, prefix, and suffix list, and came up the Amist. Root word “Ami-” meaning “love” and suffix “-ist” meaning “one who believes in.” So Amist basically means, “I believe in love” or “one who believes in love.” I also liked how Amist was pretty close to “amistad” that means friendship in Spanish. Anyhoo, so now instead of the normal “I love you,” he says, “I Mushaga You,” and I say “I Amist You.” ?Y™‚ – Mia

Try out this webpages to obtain many underlying terms, prefixes, and suffixes as well as their significance to produce your personal “love” word this is the perfect complement the relationship ?Y?ˆ

97. Create your fantasy residence

Lately, Frank and that I got a lot of fun speaking about the fancy residence. How big it would be, just how many areas it can posses, exactly what the floor arrange may be like, precisely what the external would appear to be, etc.

I found myself still daydreaming the day as we chatted and I also think how nice it could be never to just imagine but in fact manage to visualize our systems! I found this free open supply program that allows you to create your 3D concept model of a house – furniture provided!

You will make your methods with each other. Or you might also both attempt to develop your own personal individual systems. Will they be identical or very different? Whose is much better?

98. Check out YouTube & Vimeo with each other in synchrony!

Sync-Video is fantastic web site that allows you to build a chat area in which you can view YouTube (or Vimeo) videos along with other group. You chatki may make a space personal but and use it for just your boyfriend/girlfriend ?Y™‚ many thanks Lunar Snow when it comes down to suggestion! ?Y?ˆ

99. The Regularly Panty Update

You’ve most likely subscribed for text message posts previously. Continue reading 96. Make up your own “love” phrase