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Another matter I asked if there have been any United States affects which he spotted

Another matter I asked if there have been any United States affects which he spotted

Additionally the guy noticed that the medical facilities were getting better in terms of medicine plus in regards to the wealth of medications which were readily available

The guy told me that Puerto Rico turned more up to date. Then I asked him what the guy meant by that and the guy demonstrated that the soil highways became tangible and road evidence gone from composed over to plastic a€?neata€? lettering. The guy in addition mentioned that most industries happened to be popping up in the country and a lot more machinery was being released to help work equally agriculture. Then I requested a follow up question because I wanted to understand if he noticed the outside impacts from US happened to be close or harmful to the country.

Another matter we inquire got the reason why performed the guy read a far better chance in america without in Puerto Rico. The guy asserted that he’d multiple buddies of their who went along to the United States to consider better work opportunities. Their pals would attempt to persuade him to come quickly to the United States since they have employment prepared for him. Finally during the age of 16 he made his choice to exit Puerto Rico and choose nyc in which a good investing task is looking forward to your. My personal follow through question is if this is a result of the alteration in life-style the spot where the agriculture places in Puerto Rico turned into considerably industrialized. The guy said that there are higher having to pay opportunities in the United States simply because they were rebuilding their unique economic climate after the great depression. This new manufacturer jobs in addition to agriculture employment had almost no winnings in which he necessary to render a hard decision. I asked your if he previously any regrets leaving his household Puerto Rico and pursuing work in america. He advised he decided not to because the guy gotten a good amount of cash which assisted his battling family in Puerto Rico. The guy informed me he would did whatever they got to be sure their household was healthy and not hungry. Eventually his brothers and sister adopted my personal grandpa’s footsteps and also came to nyc be effective in addition they produced an effective life and backed their family along the way.

He really believed that the usa had good objectives generate an even more developed and economically seem Puerto Rico

My personal last concern to him had been; i needed to know what was his viewpoint associated with position matter deciding on family members still live indeed there. The guy told me he was actually for statehood. The guy explained that Puerto Rico is already handled as a situation. They follow the exact same legislation since the United States as they are subject to them. The guy explained that it was unfair your people in Puerto Rico have no any voting rights for presidency and representation for the federal government was unjust. He informed me he believes there are many drawbacks to statehood. He told me your economy isn’t what it used to be in which he afraid the U . S . personal debt could carry over to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico try battling at this time bad as compared to U . S .. His anxiety would be that instead of creating Puerto Rico better it’s going to destroy their unique economic climate. Another concern with his is that Puerto Rico would shed its heritage. My grandfather discovered Spanish before English. He worries that English takes more and the native language might possibly be forgotten. He agrees that English must educated but as the second words. The guy wants the Spanish language to continue to be spoken in lessons spaces.

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