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Our home, a log cabin, still really stands

Our home, a log cabin, still really stands

It go camping are established in August, 1903, for the purpose of discovering these Mississippi Indians to their homestead allocation in and around what’s today Atoka State. The expense to possess food at that camp or other costs were defrayed by All of us Indian Department found at Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Leon Harkins, since the Career Supervisor, create bring minds of those parents and you will clear out across the nation and show her or him other countries which were unallotted, for the true purpose of helping him or her create ong different towns as to their homestead allotment.

Brand new camp try remaining unchanged having five days once the those people more thoughts out of parents made conclusion regarding where they want to allot. These people were provided with a good tent, crosscut saw, ax, wedges, hoes, and other units, plus thirty days of goods, plus they moved from their homestead allotments close some springtime otherwise alive blast of h2o, where they may deal with to pay off or barrier and create homes within these places for the true purpose of setting-up permanent belongings here.

Spaces, Jennie McCoy

(The subject of that it design is tough to interviews, for, whenever you are she try really prepared to cam, she’s very deaf, is eighty-three-years old, along with her notice generally seems to roam.)

Jennie McCoy Spaces came to be April twenty four, 1854, on Koo-wee-skoo-wee (the lady spelling) area of the Cherokee Nation, close to the town of now Claremore. It’s at north-end of Claremore Lake toward Dog Creek, has a couple highest bedroom and you can a small area downstairs and you may a beneficial area upstairs. Have clapboard gates.

Mrs. McCoy is mostly about 50 % of Cherokee (and this she calls Cher o ‘kee, just as she states Tahl ee ‘quah), the girl mom, an once a young child. Her father, Joily lived to your lay near Claremore before Civil War after they went more close Saline, and you may “refugeed” throughout the Cherokee Nation before the personal of your own Conflict. Obviously they did not remain at Saline once the she asserted that she along with her sis a couple of times moved from Tahlequah to help you Fort Smith and right back getting offers on the Bodies, and lots of times it almost starved. Their somebody sympathized towards the Commitment.

Situations of Walk out of Rips

Mrs. Chambers’ parent and you may granny Hicks, with her very own mother, came in the fresh emigrant train along the Trail. Along the way it picked up to children have been destroyed. One, a guy whoever some body had every passed away off smallpox, came to them after they was indeed encamped with each other a creek. He had been also known as S. S. Stevens and never know but what he had been an Indian. Additional kid try a tiny woman who realized no name but Polly. When she grew old she married and you will is actually also known as Sis Polly Myers.

Prepare, Wallace

When my dad, Emeithle Harjo, are twenty-five otherwise thirty years old, he had been removed into Indian Area, regarding Alabama. New watercraft which he was to cross new Mississippi in the was a great dilapidated affair and sank on the Mississippi River. The guy swam very close for hours protecting the women and kids. They were all of the delivered right here and became shed instance one thing wild. He previously to walk from here to your Fort Gibson to help you have the axe and you can gun that the Authorities promised and you can gave so you’re able to him. The guy centered their household along the path from this point. There are a few house truth be told there however they are perhaps not the ones he mainly based, it burnt, and you will rotted down.

Davis, Susanna Adair

My earliest spouse is actually William Penn Adair, called a full-bloodstream Cherokee Indian. He was born from the Indian Region, Cherokee Country, during the Flint Dist. close Stilwell, Oklahoma on the November thirteen, 1857.

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