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Ruling on conversations in chat rooms about spiritual matters and polls regarding all of them

Ruling on conversations in chat rooms about spiritual matters and polls regarding all of them


What’s pointed out within the real question is an important issue that we should give consideration. We may break the situation down into several issues the following:

  1. Debate of religious problems which are clear and set up based on religious messages or scholarly consensus.
  2. Topic of things that are subject to ijtihad, for which the data are open to explanation and regarding which there is certainly a significant difference of opinion among the scholars.
  3. Putting religious matters to a vote (a poll).

Pertaining to the most important problem: it must be recognized that whatever might established and demonstrated on such basis as a verse of Qur’an or saheeh evidence from the Sunnah, or from scholarly opinion a€“ whether or not it is because of matters of belief (a€?aqeedah) or fiqh a€“ it is far from permissible proper to doubt they or enable it to be the subject of debate among scholars and candidates of real information, not to mention average individuals. Instead men and women are known as to adhere to these established problem and also to take whatever thinking include linked to all of them.

For another problem: in a lot of religious issues there’s a significant difference of view one of the students, for evidence utilized, or with regard to the way the data is going to be comprehended. With regards to these problems, there is nothing completely wrong with bringing all of them upwards in boards to discuss and debate all of them, on state that particular instructions end up being observed, like the next:

  1. The argument and debate on these issues must based on proof and scholarly opinions, not mere whims and needs or private viewpoint. So it will be maybe not permissible expressing any look at spiritual issues unless it’s based on shara€?i research.
  2. The argument and discussion should-be performed in a polite manner, preventing any profanity or fanaticism.
  3. There ought to be no overstatement concerning the significance of something, and vital issues needs to be given consideration in discussions and debates.

As for polls and getting any religious material to a vote a€“ the third problem mentioned above a€“ and offering area proper to express his thoughts regarding them, this is simply not appropriate. Among people there are Muslims and disbelievers, those people who are obedient to Allah and those who were disobedient, those who find themselves knowledgeable and those who are unaware, the existing and younger. How do it be befitting the statutes of Allah, may He end up being exalted, getting provided before every one of these people to vote according to whatever think ought to be the rules of Allah?!

The rulings of Islam can not be shown in this manner; understanding best or wrong, or furthermore or less likely to end up being the proper view, are not determined by putting it to a vote. Quite things are known through academic discussions in the facts regarding the topic and how to understand evidence in order to discover the ruling of Allah, may the guy feel exalted, on a certain concern.

We’ve browse in certain boards phrase such as for example, a€?get state: can you accept plural marriage?a€? and a€?precisely what do you believe with the niqab; can you support they?a€?

When we look at the alternatives and feedback of this players, we will have that this method of talking about problems is quite harmful. In terms of the main topics the niqab sugar daddy meet, like, the options and statements regarding they integrated a€?it are backwarda€?, a€?it is actually terrorism and extremisma€?, a€?it are continuing oppression of womena€? and a€?I help it because women are immorala€?!


These terms tend to be offending consequently they are reviling the rulings of shareea€?ah of prescribed by Allah, may the guy end up being exalted. That is a life threatening situation that puts the religion of 1 who that in danger.

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